Samapti of Kumbh 2015

As the auspicious Kumbh of 2015 ends, here are some Photo’s of the many events that took place at Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji, Vallabhpith Nashik, during the Simhast Kumbh 2015.

Following are the links to the events and their photo gallery.

Tritiya Shaahi Snaan
Gopinathji Dixit Bava’s Janamdin Celebrations
Dwitiya Shaahi Snaan
Raas Mandli
Janamashtami and Nand Mahotsav
Pratham Shaahi Snaan
Shatabdi Mahotsav of Tatji Ni. Li. Pu. Pa.1008 Sri Goswami Sri Gopinathji Maharaj Shri
Bhagvadiya Ashtha Sakha Varta as part of the Auspicious Kumbh 2015, at Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji, Nashik 
Dhwaja Rohan (Flag Hoisting) at Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji


Simhast Kumbh ke Parva par Shri Vallabhpith Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji mein padhare vividh vallabhkul aacharya balak vah sajatuy samaj…..

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Beginning of the Kumbh 2015 @ Nasik

As we near the auspicious SIMHAST KUMBH event:

Here are some updates….

Schedule of Programs for Shri Vallabhpith Simhast Kumbh Mela 2015 and Shatabdi Mohatsav.

1. 19th August 2015, Dhwaja Rohan, 9.30am Onwards.

2. 19th to 28th August, Bhagvadiya Ashta Sakha Varta, 3pm Onwards.

3. 27th August 2015, Pavitra Baras, Shatabdi Mohatsav of Ni.Li.Pu.Pa.1008.Go.Shri.Gopinathji Maharajshri.

4.28th August 2015, Katha Samapti.

5. 29th August 2015, First Shahi Snan, 2pm Onwards.

6. 1st, 2nd and 3rd September 2015, Purushcharan Gayatri Yag and 4 Ved Parayan, 9am to 7pm.

7. 5th September 2015, Janamashtmi Celebrations.

8. 6th September 2015, Nand Mohatsav.

9. 7th and 8th September 2015, Dhadhi Lila, 6pm Onwards.

10. 12th to 16th September 2015, Raas Mandli, 6pm Onwards.

11. 13th September 2015, 2nd Shahi Snan, 2pm Onwards.

12. 18th September 2015, Rishi Panchmi, Janamdin Celebrations of Chi. Gopinathjidixit Bava and 3rd Shahi Snan, 2pm Onwards.


Godavari Aarti Kumbh 2015

Godavari Aarti Kumbh 2015

Godavari Poojan Kumbh 2015

Godavari Poojan Kumbh 2015

Kumbh 2015

Kumbh 2015


Map for travel to Nashik for Kumbh 2015

Accommodations at Shri Vallabhpith Nashik

Vaishanav’s arriving in Nashik for Kumbh 2015, needing temporary accommodation, will be please to learn that Shri Vallabhpith Nashik now has spacious rooms available for stay.


Below you will find photographs and videos of the sample rooms we have. Please let in touch with us for pricing and booking.


Sample Room 1 – Images


Sample Room 1 – Video


Sample Room 2 – Images


Sample Room 2 – Video

ShriVallabhpith Kumbh Nagar Cottages

Built @ Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithak Nashik for the Vaishnav’s attending the Kumbh




Shri Vallabhpith Going Social

You can now follow the activities, updates and events at Shri Vallabhpith on your favorite social networks.

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